Lisa Jones, writer, teacher and author of Broken: A Love Story

"Kathleen has crafted herself an unorthodox life centered on healing the rifts between Native America and non-native people. This led her on a horseback ride (with Cheyenne and non-native riders) tracing the route of the historical escape of the Cheyenne from imprisonment in Oklahoma back to their home in Montana. Kathleen had very little experience with horses before she went on this ride, but she went, and had a deeply meaningful (not always easy) time. Since then she’s joined forces with members of several other tribes to bring the healing of the horse back to the Native world.  I consider Kathleen a rare person and an artistic and spiritual warrior."

Vanessa Shayan, Adult Amateur Dressage Competitor

"Writing about my workshop experience with Kathleen is difficult to put into words, namely because there are few ways in our language to describe the transition that takes place between body and mind. After two days of working with my horses Erik and Boo, I learned not only ways to stay grounded within my body but also the cues to keep myself there. This grounding allows easy access to my natural intuitive abilities and for being in a state of "flow"--complete congruence between my physical and emotional self.

I also experienced important work on boundary setting, which my horse Erik kindly brought to my attention! This recognition was eye-opening and has not only transferred into my personal and professional life but also with our work under saddle. The boundaries are an important component of creating a mutually respectful environment for both horse and rider to excel as a team.

Overall my work with Kathleen has quite literally changed my life. I feel more centered on a daily basis, able to reconcile past emotional traumas and most importantly, be my most beautiful and authentic self. If not for her I would never have explored this experience. I am eternally grateful to her gift."

Forrest Cuch,
Southern Ute Tribe Leader


“Kathleen provided the exact kind of training that we were looking for. We wanted someone who is highly experienced in working not only with horses but with American Indian people, as well. Kathleen is a very well-trained and highly competent equine facilitator. She has outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills. She is also a competent grant writer and project director/manager. We are happy to have found this special person in Kathleen, and we are proud to continue our relationship with her to this day."