Modern Dis~Ease


Getting to the Root of Modern Dis-ease

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join the Getting to the Root of Modern Dis-ease: Merging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science to Remember Wholeness summit, October 13‑18, 2019.

The laws of physics tell us that we are all made of more space and energy than matter. Many know and understand that some forms of energy can cause physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual dis-ease. In this summit, we will explore ways to get to the very root of modern dis-ease.

Kathleen McGarry, Spirit-Horse Equine Facilitated Guide and Eponaquest Instructor will be presenting Listening to the Field of the Heart and the Wisdom of Horses. Kathleen will be joining host Dr. Gina Sager, along with Eduardo Duran, Ph.D (Healing the Soul Wound) HeartMath's Rollin McCraty, Ph.D and more than 20 other physicians, scientists and energy medicine practitioners from many different traditions. During this summit you will learn foundational tools to envision new ways of being in the world, and how to become an empowered advocate for your own life.

Free Online Event

Getting to the Root of Modern Dis-ease:

Merging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Remember Wholeness

Oct. 13-18, 2019

The importance of keeping an energetic balance in this busy, seemingly "connected" world can be compromised, resulting in a kind of "dis-connect" from the things that keep us well and whole. In this summit, you will learn to look for the cause, the very root of our Dis-Ease; whether of mind, body, heart or spirit. What if the root cause of our modern Dis-ease is this dis-connection – from heart, our true self, nature, or what you consider your Divine source?

Invite the awareness you hold within to create what you need to be well. Join us, and reconnect to heal your body, mind and spirit.

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Equine Facilitated Guide