The Equine Element

The Equine Element

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Illuminating Passion, Power & Presence ... Through The Way of the Horse

Connect ~ Experience ~ Transform

As an Eponaquest facilitator and guide, Kathleen offers experiential sessions and workshops introducing the work of award-winning author and Eponaquest founder, Linda Kohanov.

Kathleen has also collaborated with elders of the Diné, Cheyenne and Ute Tribes to understand their wisdom, teachings and ancestral relationship with horses.

She participated in a 1,500 mile journey known as The Ride Home on behalf of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and is writing a book about her experience.

Through guided interactions with horses, individuals gain practical skills to develop trust-based relationships, strengthen authentic communication and explore ways to access passion and purpose. The horses enhance communication skills, emotional agility and empowered decision-making, 

These highly interactive sessions with horses provide inspired observations that enhance your ability to ~

~ Access an Authentic, Congruent Presence

~ Recognize and Move Beyond Conditioned Behaviors and
  Thought Patterns.           

~ Create Clear, Consistent Boundaries, Inspiring Connection
    and Relationship

~ Experience HeartMath Institute's Energy Field of the Body & 

~ Understand the Power of Non-Verbal Communication
   & Emotional Intelligence

~ Define and Refine Leadership Skills

Whether the sessions are one-to-one to help deepen your relationship with your horse or with a small group seeking to gain practical skills in developing trust-based relationships, Kathleen can curate a unique experience with the horses to help refine your leadership style, create healthy boundaries and expand your innate skills of emotional intelligence and authentic way of being.  By aligning with the power of non-verbal communication and heart-based wisdom, participants will explore ways to access passion and purpose in every relationship...beginning with the self.