I do not understand the mystery of grace,
only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us...
— Anne Lamott

Kathleen McGarry is an accomplished Equine Facilitated Guide with Eponaquest, an educational organization in Arizona introducing horses as sentient partners.  From leadership and personal development, to healing the deep wounds of trauma, relationship and broken boundaries, Kathleen's programs demonstrate how the horses help shift and expand awareness through mindfulness and heart-centered wisdom.  

She has collaborated with several tribes here in the states with equine programs and helped to create a sacred horse journey on behalf of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; a ride that initiated awareness around the ancestral and historical trauma experienced by the Northern Cheyenne tribe after an exodus from Reservation life in 1878. Kathleen has been a part of programs to help ease PTSD for returning war veterans and initiated an equine offering for the Southern Ute tribe to reignite their wisdom of horses through their stories, songs and culture.  

Living in London for 12 years as the stylist, hair and make-up artist, for the actress Emma Thompson, she traveled the world promoting Emma's films, red carpet moments and humanitarian work.  In collaboration with The Helen Bamber Foundation in London, Kathleen worked on several projects to aid trafficked women, which became the root cause for her to begin an apprenticeship with Eponaquest to understand healing power and wisdom of horses. 


Currently, she is creating a program for young, Kurdish refugees who are seeking to rebuild their lives after the war in Syria.  These young men are from a devoted horse culture and are severely displaced and suffering from PTSD, whilst living in the UK.  Together with Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist, Miranda Carey, a retreat will be offered with the horses to promote the well-being, confidence and hope, for these young refugees.  

Learning to be present with the sacred nature of horses connects individuals with their emotional strength and heart; creating focus and balance.

Guiding clients to interact respectfully and lovingly with the horses, helps bring awareness to the moment and align with a peaceful presence. 

Scientists have discovered that horses emit “alpha waves” the same waves emitted by humans during prayer.
— Dr. Yvette Running Horse Collin, Sacred Way
Crossing the Threshold of Bear  Butte.jpg

In the presence of the horses, opportunities are created for individuals to:

~ Understand personal boundaries and access the depth of their
own wisdom

~ Learn how to remain in the present moment to create self-awareness

~ Reduce anxiety 

~ Recover a sense of identity and trust 

~ Experience the nuances of leadership and partnership

~ Work with the energy field of the heart in relationship to the horse

~ Utilize the power of non-verbal communication and somatic awareness

~ Build trust and acceptance of vulnerability

~ Create emotional agility and resilience